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Ranked in the Top Five Children’s Museums
in Maryland by CBS Baltimore

While hands-on activities and 40 antique fire engines capture the kids' attention, we sneak in history, fire safety, archeology, and technology. Seven Tours are available for students and campers, ages 3 - 18 years old, and special-needs children and adults.

Kids with Engine

All Programs meet Common Core Curriculum Standards in Social Studies
for Pre-school through 4th grade, and special-needs children and adults.

Tours are adapted for older students, adults and all comprehension levels.

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Sizzlin' Children's Tours

Kids in Engine
Bucket Brigade Tour
Preschool through 6th Grade

Ringing bells, passing buckets, yelling “Fire” and giggling are required. While engrossed in glowing clean fire engines, students learn fire safety and how Baltimore grew to be the 3rd largest U. S. city by 1900. (click for more information) They pull hose up into the tower of the 1871 fire houseLesson Plansand see the 1922 telegraph alarm office in action. Children then try on turnout gear and climb on a 1938 fire engine! Companion Book: Fire Cat by Esther Averill. ($5 a child)

New! Fire Rescue Game Activity

Children practice fire safety and how to react in a fire by pretending to save a chaperone from the “burning building”. They don fire gear and simulated breathing apparatus, and then rescue a teacher or chaperone from the “burning building.” Preschool through 2nd grade $2 a child. This 1/2 hour program is offered with the Bucket Brigade Tour only.

Read what happens during the Bucket Brigade Tour and the Fire Rescue Game.
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Guide with Kids
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Kids Asking Questions
New! Character Traits of Good
Citizens Tour
1st grade through 4th

Set against the Great Baltimore Fire of 1904, students decide what traits are necessary to be productive citizens.
One hour tour and activity
$5 a child

Companion Books:
by Claudia Friddell
The Great Baltimore Fire
by Peter B. Petersen

A limited number of Goliath books are available free to teachers taking this tour, provided by the Baltimore Community Foundation.
New! The Command and Reform Tour
3rd grade through 4th

Children role-play as 1871 firemen, fight a fire on a Smart Board and learn how social and safety problems are solved in a democracy. (click here for more information) They see how citizens removed several corrupt volunteer fire companies in the 1850s and created one of the best modern city fire departments by 1900. They locate their fire houses and the fire on a 1871 street map using mapping tools.
Up to 2 hours
$10 a child

Funded by a grant from the
Maryland Humanities Council

Kids in Alarm Room
Children's Tour Request Form   (click here)

Kids Pulling Rope
Ropes to Radiators Tour
Ages 5 and up

This two-part tour begins at the Fire Museum with the Bucket Brigade program. The group then tours a participating modern fire station to meet fire fighters and to learn about modern firefighting methods. (click for more information)

The Ropes to Radiators Tour gives children, grades 1st through 5th, an opportunity to meet real fire fighters, tour a local fire station and see how fire apparatus has changed since the early 1800s.

The school group (up to 50 students) comes to the Fire Museum, takes the one-hour Bucket Brigade tour, has lunch on the museum floor among the engines, then travels to a local fire station for a one-hour tour.

We allow one hour in between tours for them to have their bag lunches, shop in the gift shop and travel to the station. Larger groups can do this program, with half the students going the Fire Museum and the other half going to the fire station. After lunch, they switch locations and complete their tours. If you have a Fire Station near your school or camp you would like to tour, we have been able arrange tours in fire stations in other counties and towns. The tour generally lasts about 3 hours; two hours without a lunch break in between.

Call Rob Williams, Assist. Director at 410-321-7500 x102
The program must be booked as one package.
2 hours (The tour is often scheduled around lunch time. Arrangements can be made for children to have their bag lunches on the museum floor.)
$10 a child

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Great Balto Fire
The Great Baltimore Fire Tour
3rd grade and up

Students tour the Fire Museum focusing on the Great Baltimore Fire of 1904 exhibit and the 1871 Fire House. See how 17 fire departments from 25 cities fought the 3rd worst fire in U.S. history and how the citizens responded in rebuilding the city in just 2 years without federal help. Students examine primary documents, see two of the engines that fought in the fire, and see a video with actual film footage of the fire by Thomas Edison.
One Hour
$5 a child
Children's Tour Request Form   (click here)

Joint tour packages for all ages available with the Glenn L. Martin Aviation Museum and the Hampton Mansion National Park Service Site.
Call 410-321-7500 x102 for more information or to schedule a tour.
Outreach Programs for Children
Suggested children’s outreach programs:

1.  Museum educators or a fire fighter will come to your school or organization to teach Fire Safety Programs with a 911 phone simulator, video and a fire self-rescue practice. Children practice “Stop Drop and Role, and Stay Low and Go, and learn not to fear fire fighters in emergency situations.
2.  Educators bring a trunk filled with equipment to show how firemen fought fires in the early 1800s compared to what modern fire fighters use. Objects from both eras are demonstrated.

Outreach Programs start at $125 and last about 40 minutes.  Please contact us at 410-321-7500 or to schedule your outreach program.
Smokin' Adult Tours
$10 a person — Tours, Topics and Demonstrations include:

1.  The Great Baltimore Fire of 1904 — Learn how 17 companies from five states fought the third worst fire in U.S. History. See the apparatus that fought in the fire and a video with actual film footage and photos.

2.  The Command and Reform Tour — See how Pre-Civil War Volunteers fought fires and each other as Baltimore grew into becoming the 3rd largest U.S. city. Learn how Baltimore disbanded corrupt fire companies and associated gangs, then created a state-of-the-art, paid fire department.

3.  Fire Department memorabilia and decorative arts

4.  The technology behind 40 Fire Engines, Ladder Trucks, Wagons, and Water Towers
While on Tour:
  • Find out how firemen lived in the reconstructed 1871 Baltimore Fire House.
  • Pull an alarm box and see the working 1922 Telegraph Alarm Office send out the call.
  • See the 40 apparatus, dating from 1806 to the late 1950s.
Adult Tour Request Form   (click here)

Afterward, have lunch at the Peppermill Restaurant, the Szechuan House or Ocean Pride Restaurant — all within three blocks of the Museum!
Joint tour packages for all ages available with the Glenn L. Martin Aviation Museum and the Hampton Mansion National Park Service Site.
Call 410-321-7500 x102 for more information or to schedule a tour.
Adult Outreach Programs
There is no replacing the experience of coming to the Fire Museum. However, you can have an historian, curator or fire fighter speak to your group or organization. They provide an interesting historical presentation for your clients and members. Available Outreach Programs include:

1.  The story of the fire service as seen through the collection of the Fire Museum of Maryland — A talk and slide presentation.
2.  The Great Baltimore Fire of 1904 as told by photographs of the day — A talk and slide presentation.
3.  A “decorative arts” look at the paintings, carvings, and castings of the Fire Museum of Maryland’s collections and how they relate to changing styles and fashions — A talk and slide presentation.
4.  Horses, men, and steam engines: how they worked together to protect our cities — A talk and slide presentation.
5.  The Great Baltimore Fire of 1904 as seen through the eyes of the people who lived through it. The presentation includes historical information from diaries, newspapers and other archival materials, photographs, paintings, and other artwork that was used to document this important event — A PowerPoint presentation.

Outreach Programs start at $125 and last about 40 minutes.  Please contact us at 410-321-7500 or to schedule your outreach program.
Teacher Support

Bus Subsidies provided by State Farm Insurance Company

State Farm provides $100 Bus Subsidies to help defray the cost of transportation. Click here for more information.

State Farm Insurance Inc. provides $100 Bus Subsidies to schools taking tours at the Fire Museum of Maryland. The number of subsidies is limited, and availability will end when the $10,000 Grant is paid out.

The grant is provided because of the work and training the Museum does in Fire Safety Education and in the history of urban firefighting.

How to qualify and receive the Bus Subsidy:
  1. Any school in Maryland that rents buses to bring children to tours at the Fire Museum qualifies for the Bus Subsidy.
  2. The Teachers arrange to rent the buses from the company of their choosing and then pays for their transportation to and from the Fire Museum of Maryland.
  3. Upon completion of the scheduled tour, State Farm Ins. releases the $100 Bus Subsidy, which the Fire Museum sends to the School.
  4. Call Rob Williams, Assistant Director, for more information, or contact him at rcwilliams@

Teachers!  Homeschool Teachers! Administrators!

See how the Fire Museum tours fit in with your required lesson plans.

Suggested curriculum in the Scopes and Sequences Report for Teachers in Baltimore City Schools:

1st Grade (click)   2nd Grade (click)
3rd Grade (click)

Kids Working On Floor
      Children's Tour Request Form   (click here)
Recommended Books & Subject Material related to the tours:
  • Fire Cat by Esther Averil
  • The Great Baltimore Fire by Peter B. Peterson
  • Goliath, Hero of the Great Baltimore Fire by Claudia Friddell
Goliath Book provided free to teachers taking the Great Baltimore Fire Tour or the Character Traits of Good Citizens Tour.
Tour Lesson Plans                   (Click links below to open lesson plan documents.)

1.  Character Traits of Good Citizens — provided by Sharon Green, the FMM Educators Committee

Traits of Good Citizens, the Great Baltimore Fire — grades 1st-4th

Green — Grades 1st-4th                         Character Traits Vocab Words

2.  For All Great Baltimore Fire Tours — provided by Claudia Friddell, 2nd grade teacher Gillman School

Great Baltimore Fire/Goliath lesson Plan for grades 1st-4th grades

Friddell — 1st-6th grades

3.  Lesson Plans provided by Baltimore City Master Teachers — provided by the Teaching American History Grant, U.S. Dept. of Education

The Great Baltimore Fire Tour and The Traits of Good Citizens Tour (related to Baltimore Fire history)

a.  Koonce — Grade 4 Baltimore Fire

b.  Mabee — Grade 9-12 Fires

Bucket Brigade Tour

Hyzer — Grade 6-8  A Real Baltimore Firefighter

Balto. County
MD Humanities                    Balto. Community Foundation
U.S. Department of Education
Teaching American History Program

U.S. Dept. of Education
           State Farm
State Farm Insurance Inc.
John Holman, Insurance Agent
Towson, Maryland
Johns Hopkins
The Fire Museum of Maryland, 1301 York Road, Lutherville, MD 21093
PH: (410) 321-7500, F: (410) 769-8433

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